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If you notice water leaks around your chimney,it needs repair.Boonstra Masonry specializes in chimney repair.Missing brick and cracks in your chimney are also obvious signs that your chimney needs repair.Boonstra Masonry serves Grand Rapids and the West Michigan area.We are a licensed contractor in the state of Michigan.Chimney repair has been our specialty for over 25 years.If you are located in Grand Rapids or the surrounding areas,give us a call.We give free estimates.Boonstra Masonry is a family owned business.The heating season is fast approaching.Make sure your chimney is in tip top shape.

A masonry chimney needs maintenance.Michigan winters can effect the brick and mortar which the chimney is constructed of.Chimney repair is what we specialize in.We can rebuild or repair your chimney.If you notice any visual deterioration on your chimney,give us a call.Many times a chimney can have problems on the inside.Your chimney should be checked regularly for cracked flue liners and creosote build up.The longer you neglect your chimney,the more repair it will need.Many people think brick and block last forever.Simple things like applying a water repellant can extend the lifespan of a fireplace or chimney.Installing a rain cap on top of a flue liner can prevent unwanted guests from entering your home through the fireplace. Boonstra Masonry performs all types of masonry repair.If its made of brick or block,we can fix it.

Boonstra Masonry has been in business over 25 years.Chimney repair is our specialty.If you are located in Grand Rapids or the West Michigan area,please contact us.We also repair brick on homes and businesses.Masonry work is what we do.We are a licensed contractor.

We give free estimates in the West Michigan area.Don’t let that chimney repair turn into a chimney rebuild.Boonstra Masonry also works in the lakeshore area.If you have any chimney concerns,call us or send an email.

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