We don’t just repair chimneys,we rebuild them too.Sometimes a chimney can be tuckpointed if the mortar joints are deteriorated.A concrete crown can be replaced if it is cracked.Spaulding brick can be cut out and replaced.We can apply a water repellant to extend the lifespan of your chimney.We also install stainless steel rain caps to keep out water and animals.Your chimney should be inspected on a regular basis.Broken flue liners can lead to a chimney fire.Preventative maintainance is important.For piece of mind,have your chimney or fireplace inspected during the heating season.Brick and block chimneys will last a long time with simple maintainance.We can handle all your masonry repairs on your home or chimney.

If a chimney has been neglected too long,the best thing to do is have us rebuild it.


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